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Just relax and enjoy, we take care of all the arrangements. Go beyond tourism. Our HOOK, new Adventures in Argentina.
Discover the vacation you've never had…

Airport Transfers

From the moment that you arrive to city until the last minute of your visit...


We understand that each person is unique. Accordingly, we offer three options for accommodations.

City Tour

A historical and cultural tour of the city. Our tour is the perfect introduction to the fascinating metropolis.

Tango Show Dinner

Buenos Aires is the birthplace and heart of Tango!

Wine Tasting

Savor Argentinian's unique wines at our fun wine tastings.

Full Time Host & Coach

Billingual highly qualified coaches with local knowledge to help you enjoy your visit.


Juan Margarit


I am a citizen of the world, but my heart belongs to Argentina, my native land. After changing careers from doing academic research in biology in the USA and Argentina, I started organizing the best tennis vacations in Argentina to share my two passions: travel and tennis. I live and breath tennis thanks to the love for tennis that my parents shared with me when I was just a child. For more than 10 years, I've been planning innumerable vacation adventures and travel experiences. I guarantee that your vacation will be fun, relaxing, and exactly what you want it to be.

Through my own travel experience throughout Argentina and the world, I know the needs and expectations of travelers and make sure yours are met. As for tennis, I've played in the pro leagues and taught it for more than 25 years.

Our role is simple: make you happy feel with the best team ever Welcome to Tennis in Argentina. See you soon on the courts!

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It’s summer time in Argentina. Days are long, sunny and weather can get hot.

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Tango, chamame, folk and popular Argentinian music

Tango, chamame, folk and popular Argentinian music

Music and Dance in Argentina is an integral part of traditional and contemporary life, which unites communities and functions as an important social tool for both national and regional identification. Here,we present an introduction to popular and traditional music in Argentina

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Tennis Conditioning Stretching - Tennis Lessons

Tennis Conditioning Stretching - Tennis Lessons

Anyone who practices sports, plays tennis or dances tango knows the importance of being healthy and fit. Our daily activities are affected by the way that we take care of ourselves physically and mentally.

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Why Red Clay Tennis is key to get better?

Why Red Clay Tennis is key to get better?

Compared to other surfaces, red clay is slower and with a much higher bounce of the ball.

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