Tennis in Argentina

Testimonials & Reviews

Tennis Holidays in Argentina offers you a carefully chosen group of experienced professional guides and instructors with a high level of specialization and a maximum degree of coordination. More important, they love and enjoy what we do.

Leslie, Jim and Grace E.

Vancouver, Canadá

“Juan, We were very happy with your services and the events you set up for us in Argentina. Generally, the more exclusive the event was the better. The private tennis and tango lessons were excellent...Thanks again for enriching our stay in Argentina. If we have friends that are traveling to your country, we will be sure to give them your contact information. And we're planning to follow up with tango lessons at home --it turns out there's a bit of a tango scene in Vancouver. Cheers.”


Raimond P.

Québec, Canadá

“Hola Juan, ¿Cómo estás? ¿Y el tenis? Para mi, el tenis está muy bien, pero la estación de tenis está terminada para el invierno (y ahora es la estación de hockey). Después mi semana en Buenos Aires, mis estadísticas han aumentadas de 200 puntos inmediato (¡muchas gracias a mi profesor Diego!)...¡Felicidades! por el nuevo sitio internet (¡con la fotografiá de mi servicio!...¡Parezco una estrella de tenis en tu sitio internet!)... I hope my Spanish isn't too bad...I'm still practicing every week...so maybe one day I will be able to go live in Argentina and enjoy tennis...and nice temperature all year around!
Hasta pronto!


Fin and Cait M.

Masschusets, USA

“Dear Juan, Thanks for your message and all of the fine work you did for us in Argentina. We were thrilled with your program and your wonderful country. Please contact us anytime if you want to use us as a reference. Hopefully, we'll come again next year for a little tennis and rest. If you ever find yourself in Massachusetts, come on over to Nantucket and I'll put you up and get you a tennis game or two on the clay courts at our club. Good luck in your new business venture. Kind regards, Fin


Mahvash T.

London, UK

“Dear Juan, hank you for organizing this most wonderful trip and also thanks for your friendship and trust, I hope that we will stay in touch and meet again soon. I have always liked Buenos Aires but this trip has made it many times more special and I am definitely coming back. I hope that your tangotennis initiative will be extremely successful. Please send me some leaflets and I will put them in the tango and tennis clubs in UK and other countries which I travel to…… I love to work with you maybe as your UK agent!! Once again thanks a lot and see you soon. Mahvash”


Jane H.

London, UK

“Dear Juan, I would love to come back to Buenos Aires one day…when I do, I will certainly get in touch. Truly though, I had such a fantastic time…. I was worried about being on my own but shouldn't have, as I was very well looked after. I thought the Hotel was lovely - they were so friendly and helpful and it was great to be based in San Telmo. I absolutely LOVED the tennis, especially as you were able to roll out some Argentinean national players for me!! Patricio's coaching was fantastic - top, top quality and he was really enthusiastic and helpful. The tango lessons were also great. Tango show was fabulous! Best regards. Jane”


Michael Z. (USTA Juniors 16s & 18s)

New Jersey, USA

“Dear Juan, Once again thank you for everything you have done. So far I have been playing well…In Costa Rica; I beat two seeded players and qualified into the main. Then I lost to Julian Uriguen 6-7 (3) 3-6 first round. He is seeded number 2 for the 2009 Australian Open Js. I am currently in Peru and I will be signing in for the quallies tomorrow.”



Scotland, UK

“Hola Juan, We were very satisfied with Diego, Sergio, Hector, Karina and Guillermo's work. Especially Guillermo and Karina. We spent so much time with them and they were such good teachers, escorts and friends. Brenda was pleasantly surprised how well she was able to eat in Buenos Aires. The breakfasts at the hotel were a great way to start the day and we had no major problems in getting her vegetarian options when eating out…We did not know if our visit to Argentina would be a one-off holiday but, after our wonderful experience, we will certainly consider coming back and I will be very surprised if we don't! Thank you to all the staff for helping make the visit so special. Thank you too for the adios present. It was a lovely gesture and it is these little things that contribute to the "feel good" factor in a holiday. Adios, Danny.”



Scotland, UK

“Hi Juan, Firstly thank you so much for the wine and the chocolate – very kind of you all. Both Danny and myself had a wonderful time in Argentina which was made even more special by Karina and Guillermo, who instantly made us feel like friends and who worked hard to get us a firm grasp of the basics of Tango. We hope to build on these wonderful skills now that we are home! ...we enjoyed every minute of our time in Buenos Aires and we are considering coming back again later in the year so we will keep you informed! Thank all the staff for all their hard work. All our best wishes.“


Raymond P. and wife

Québec City, Canada

“Hola Juan, Muchas gracias para todo. For my 2nd visit to BA with TTA it had to be great because I wanted to convince my wife that one day...BA could be our city to live and work. And it was EXCELLENT...from our guided city tour with Hector; to the day at the Estancia everything was perfect. The suburbs location is still a paradise to go play tennis and playing in the city was also pleasant… My tennis game also improved again this time with a lot of tips and corrections on my swing.The Tango part, with our very good teachers, the milonga and the dinner tango show, were all spectacular and for the first time in my life, I danced without feeling like a (I've been reading the Argentinean Spanish book you gave me)! Thank you also for making all of the reservations from the trip to Patagonia, the Ricardo Arjona concert, Phantom of the Opera...and for the selection of this great hotel in San Telmo…Thank you...and see you soon”


Enda M.


“Juan; feedback on the tennis is excellent. Found the lessons very active and learnt a lot. Camilla is professional and friendly in her coaching….I would happily recommend her. Thanks.”


Peter B.

Indiana, USA

“Hola Juan, Thanks for the CD. You helped make my vacation a good one. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks again. Happy New Year, Peter.”


Guy T.

Chicago, USA

“Thanks Juan, and yes, I enjoyed the lessons very much and look forward to continuing when I get back….Okay, have a good holiday vacation and I'll see you back on the clay courts in a month or so. Cheers, Guy.”


Michael H.


“Juan, My feedback is very positive. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the tennis coaching was superb and I could definitely notice the difference after three days with Raul. The physical fitness sessions afterwards were also just what I needed after 3 weeks of drinking and eating steak. Just a shame I was feeling rough this morning, it would have been great to have had my last session...! Thanks again and I'll be in touch when I'm next back in Ba As….Chao.”


Jean A S.

Oregon, USA.

“Hola Juan Thank You muchisimo for everything you have done for me in Argentina. You.. and Tango Tennis were a great way to introduce this Tennis-Gringa into the Porteño world. Learning to play doubles on clay was a great treat. And with your friendly and generous touring advice, I was able to comfortably continue my travels and have enjoyed your country immensely. Especially Bariloche... Fantastic hotel (great views and pool)... and tours in Iguazu. The world is smaller than we think . . . and maybe our paths shall cross again. Good luck Tango Tennis... Gracias otra vez.”


Mathew N.

UK – Hong Kong

“Hi Juan,... I have the following feedback for you: Good points for this tailor make holiday: - Individually design to suit the needs of the person(s) - Time saving for the busy professional or well to do person to search and book etc. Because of the lay back approach…., it gave me an opportunity to experience real local life……walking around, catching bus, the oldest subway carriage in Latin America, seeing Harrods ; going to milonga where all of Guillermo's friends welcome me with kisses and hugs; eating a simple local meal at the last milonga; doing warn up, chatting in the taxis especially with that funny taxi driver; chatting in the tennis court etc. Nice touch for you to come to say goodbye on the day of departure. All transports are arranged and included so that I do not need to think and pay. It makes me feel that I was ' looked after' whether than paying for transport. The private car aspect rather than taxis was very good... Well, for me, this holiday has fulfilled all my expectations. I feel that the travelling in car and the time in Milonga with Guillermo and Karina helped me to learn Tango as much as the lessons themselves. The ability to practice at the Milonga was excellent. Karina was a great dancing partner very reassuring and encouraging all the time.”g, it would have been great to have had my last session...! Thanks again and I'll be in touch when I'm next back in Ba As….Chao.”