Why Buenos Aires?


Buenos Aires

Come see why ‘European’ Buenos Aires is visited by more than 5 million international travelers a year.

Probably because of its characteristic unique style and architecture, Buenos Aires is a great city to visit for a wonderful time. Yes, you can experience traditional cafes, exciting nightlife, exquisite food, art museums, voluminous book stores, fabulous antique shops in San Telmo, Polo matches, Evita Peron, a Japanese garden, Rodin’s sculptures in Palermo, design shops, the Recoleta Cemetery…and much more.
Since its first foundation (1536), this port city has been receiving immigrants from Spain, Italy, and the Middle East, Russia, Poland, Germany, and Latin American countries. This immigration has helped create an energetic, rich and elaborated cultural identity.
We suggest our guests to learn about the contrast between the ‘Southern’ and ‘Belle Époque’ districts by exploring the city’s fascinating architecture.

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Buenos Aires “Southern District”

The splendor of the metropolis is reflected in monumental and eclectic architectural works. Proletarians, anarchism, immigration, soccer, tango, conventillos, Evita, and the balcony of the Casa Rosada all combined together to make Buenos Aires unique as it is... and to create seductive Tango!
The southern district includes landmarks such us: La Boca, Boca Juniors soccer stadium (La Bombonera), San Telmo, Parque Lezama, Puerto Madero, Calatrava´s Woman’s bridge, Frigate Sarmiento, Plaza de Mayo, Avenida de Mayo, 9 de Julio Ave., Avenida de Mayo, and Congress Hall.


Buenos Aires "Belle Époque”

At the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century, France is taken as the cultural model, and so French architecture becomes the inspiration for the buildings of the aristocracy.
Art is everywhere, especially at the Recoleta cemetery, an outdoor art gallery.The north part of the city includes, for example: Plaza San Martin -sightseeing of the French – like master pieces from the Belle Époque around the park. Recoleta, Recoleta Cemetery, Nuestra Señora del Pilar Church and Recoleta Design Center.
Palermo Chico -The embassies´ district- preserving the architecture for the private residences of the Argentinean traditional families. Palermo Rose Garden / Palermo Woods Park - the most representative Belle Époque park in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires - Shopping and Fun Paradise

Buenos Aries is a global shopper’s paradise. From folkloric art work to brand name products, you will find high quality goods at incredible prices. Buenos Airs is full of malls, shops, markets, and boutiques where you can find high quality hand made products made out of silver, gold, or leather.
In addition to the fantastic antique shops which you won’t want to miss. Shoes, beautiful leather handbags and luggage in the latest fashion by young local designers at incredible prices (Palermo and downtown).
In addition, Argentina has Tax Free Shopping under the Global Refund program that allows visitors to recover up to 21% of the sales taxes paid in the country.
Going out
If you want to watch a movie at 1:00 AM or or play until 5:00 AM, and then go for a coffee or dinner, you can do it in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is a city that literally never sleeps. Particularly between October and March (spring – summer time) when tons of cultural events, parties, shows and concerts take place all around the city.Argentine cuisine is highly influenced by European and Latin American roots.
But, beef and steaks are what distinguish Argentinean cuisine from the rest of the world. Nothing better after a tennis match or before going out to tango than having a tasty and tender beef together with an excellent Malbec.


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